Deluxe CARPET cleaning

Why Have Your Carpet Cleaned?
The Carpet in your home is like a HUGE air filter. It constantly captures dust mites and allergens circulating in the air. It also traps numerous soils from outdoors due to foot traffic, which includes dirt, sand, bird droppings, germs and bacteria as well as mold spores.

About Our "DELUXE" Process:
In order to provide you with exceptional carpet cleaning results WE USE A UNIQUE METHOD. Instead of the typical equipment that simultaneously sprays shampoo and instantly vacuums it up; we select one of several solutions that is best for your situation, apply it directly to the carpet and LET IT DWELL. After the dirt and grime are loosened up we use our superior equipment with independent, high pressure water spray to properly rinse and vacuum. And for those stubborn areas we use yet another powerful solution, "MASSAGE" it in, and do the process all over again. We're not in a hurry to get to the next job. We take the time to do it right.

You will be happy to know all of our cleaning agents are powerful yet VOC compliant (safe as soap). After the cleaning process we will then finish with a PH balancing spray, which preserves your manufacturer's original stain protector. Most carpet cleaners don't do this and their alkaline solutions erode the protective coating, thereby, reducing your carpet's resistance to stains. THIS MEANS YOU WILL NEED TO CALL THEM BACK SOONER than you did the last time. All in all this will be the best carpet cleaning  job you will ever see!

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They clean the carpet on my rental They did a perfect job! Thank you! I definitely will call you again.  Lucinda L.  6-2017

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